AdMeS is a Technical Advisor Company, founded in 2016, providing advanced mechanical services on Maritime and Energy Industry sectors worldwide. It is certified according to the provisions of ISO 9001:2015 with activities’ scope “Services Provision of Preventive Maintenance (Condition Monitoring Services)”. It is specialized in Condition Based Maintenance (CBM), Non-Destructive Testing (NDT), In-Situ Balancing, Alignment and Resonance Fatigue Studies with an important portfolio of Greek and international clients. In cooperation with the Certification Body CERT1 (https://www.cert1.gr/), it undertakes inspection services as well.

Constantly watching the latest technology trends and innovations, the company owns modern equipment in order to take vibration and magnetic measurements following the latest technical methods. Aiming to offer quality services, the company relies on its expanding specialized personnel, which consists of mechanical, automation and computer engineers who receive constant education by attending seminars and specialization programmes acquiring the relevant certifications.


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