AdMeS has undertaken measurements, vibration and noise analysis in the mechanical parts and in the interior of a yacht, in order to assess the comfort of passengers. The measurements showed results which were exceeding the ISO limits. Consequently, a detailed technical report was prepared, analysing the findings and the suggested actions in order to solve the detected problems. A partner company performed all the necessary actions on specific points in the engine room area. After their completion, new measurements of vibration and noise were taken, resulting in decreased values in all the vessel compartments, making the results to comply with passengers’ comfort as defined in the ABS Comfort On Yachts * directive.

*Guidelines of ABS Classification Society (Guide for Comfort On Yachts), and are executed in accordance with the international standard ISO 20283-5:2016 (Mechanical vibration — Measurement of vibration on ships — Part 5: Guidelines for measurement, evaluation and reporting of vibration with regard to habitability on passenger and merchant ships).

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