Research Project: ADMES is participating in a 2018 research project called INSPECT that is co- funded by the European Commission and Greece and will start within the next semester and it concerns Inspection & Maintenance of Critical Infrastructures with UAS. Infrastructure inspection, documentation and maintenance are limited to manual “ground-based” methods, and mainly involve the use of specialized equipment, ropes and installations to inspect large machinery and cooling towers, to supervise procedures and to identify fault points. In addition to the risk to inspectors, the process requires the shutdown of the machinery, resulting in significant economic repercussions. The use of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAVs) is a more effective, efficient and safer inspection process that gives better and more accurate monitoring and control, and does not require the shutdown of the machinery. The Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAVs) offer the ability to inspect inconvenient locations and production units with detailed imaging and collection of facilities that can be used to better assess and maintenance strategies. This reduces the risk of disasters and increases production, thus improving the competitiveness of the industry. In addition, environmental impacts are reduced, increasing the safety of the personnel.

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